The Grayson County High School Cross Country teams competed in the Fast Cats Classic last Saturday at Owensboro.

The boys team placed 7th out of 22 teams in their 5K race. Their times were as follows:

Lucas Gallagher placed 30th out of 237 runners with a time of 17:24.32.

Peyton Nash placed 35th with a time of 17:27.83.

Isaac DePoyster placed 47th with a time of 17:53.09.

Tanner Cadena placed 49th with a time of 17:53.65.

Jackson Crume placed 62nd with a time of 18:10.81.

Jacob Smith placed 93rd with a time of 18:56.10.

Eli Helm placed 136th with a time of 19:57.93.

Joseph Beasley placed 145th with a time of 20:09.16.

Luke Milliner placed 162nd with a time of 20:37.47.

Draven Stewart placed 183rd with a time of 21:11.25.

The girls team competed as individuals in their 5K. Their times were as follows:

Chloee Darst placed 39th out of 161 runners with a time of 21:41.06.

Elizabeth Evans placed 43rd with a time of 21:50.04.

Alexis Henderson placed 72nd with a time of 23:21.96.

Rebecca DePoyster placed 132nd with a time of 26:22.69.

All of the Grayson County Cross Country teams and St. Paul Elementary School are registered to compete in today's race, the Wildcat Wilderness Invitational at Franklin-Simpson High School.