Sierra Petty | GC News-Gazette Mason Miller and Hunter Gibson celebrate a Cougar touchdown.

Sierra Petty | GC News-Gazette

Mason Miller and Hunter Gibson celebrate a Cougar touchdown.

By Sierra Petty


The Grayson County Cougars hosted the Ohio County Eagles Friday night. An overwhelming amount of supporters turned out but were unable to cheer a win from the Cougars, as they lost their second consecutive game.

At 7:21 in the first quarter, Logan Kopp made a 90-yard punt return for the Cougars' first touchdown, failing on the P.A.T. It was followed by a 21-yard touchdown pass from the Eagles at 5:10. The P.A.T. was good, bringing the score to 7-6 Ohio County, where it remained into the second quarter.

The Cougars started the second quarter at the four-yard line for a third down. At 10:59, Ryan Coates attempted a 21-yard field goal, that narrowly missed left of the goal. The Eagles received a penalty for roughing the kicker, allowing Coates to re-try the kick. Coates was successful with a line-drive kick, retaking the lead at 9-7.

3:56 in the second quarter sees a five-yard run by the Eagles’ Q'Daryius Jennings, and the Cougars were able to block the P.A.T. The Cougars’ Hunter Gibson followed it up with a seven-yard run. During the P.A.T, an offsides penalty was called against the Eagles, allowing for a successful two-point conversion. At 1:43, the Eagles retook the lead with a 63-yard passing touchdown, bringing the score to 21-17 where it remained into halftime.

The third quarter saw its first touchdown at 5:02 with a one-yard run by Logan Kopp. The P.A.T. was no good. At 1:09, an 18-yard touchdown reception and a successful P.A.T. by the Eagles brought the score to 28-23 Ohio County.

The fourth quarter was an offensive struggle. At 7:19, Hunter Gibson achieved a seven-yard run touchdown followed by a successful two-point conversion. One minute on the clock later, the Eagles’ Jennings achieved a 36-yard run touchdown, with an unsuccessful P.A.T. At 3:17, a 14-yard passing touchdown from the Eagles put the game away.

Final score: 40-31 Ohio County Eagles.

The Grayson County Cougars fall to 6-2.