By Sierra Petty


The Grayson County Cougars traveled to Owensboro last Friday to face off against the Red Devils, who snatched a one-sided victory as the Cougar offense struggled against a superior defense.

The Red Devils opened the first quarter with a 51-yard touchdown reception and a good PAT at 10:21. This was followed by a three-yard run at 5:21 by the Red Devils’ Taylor, a team safety at 3:56 from an intentional grounding by the Cougars, and a 10-yard rushing touchdown by Taylor to close the first quarter at 23-0.

The second quarter saw a successful 29-yard field goal by the Cougars’ Logan Raymer to put up the Cougars' first points of the night. This was followed by an 86-yard kickoff return touchdown by the Red Devils’ Taylor. A 24-yard touchdown reception at 3:34 followed by a 75-yard touchdown reception at 1:31 brought the score to 44-3, successfully burying the Cougars by halftime.

The third quarter saw no scoring as the Cougar defense stood strong. It wasn’t until 6:56 in the fourth quarter before any headway was made: a one-yard touchdown run by the Cougars’ Hunter Gibson. This was followed by a 13-yard touchdown run by the Red Devils’ Robinson at 1:30. Final score: 51-9 Owensboro Red Devils.

The Grayson County Cougars fall to 6-3, granting the Cougars a third seed in the playoffs. Owensboro took the number one seed, with Graves County taking the number two seed.