Sierra Petty | GC News-Gazette

Sierra Petty | GC News-Gazette

By Sierra Petty


The Grayson County Cougars hosted the Nelson County Cardinals Friday night in what turned out to be a one-sided victory.

At 7:55 in the first quarter, Hunter Gibson led a 24-yard run for the first touchdown. At 4:05, a 35-yard touchdown pass from Gibson to sophomore Hunter Tomes was achieved. The first quarter ended at 14-0.

At 10:27 in the second quarter, Gibson scored a 3-yard touchdown run. At 3:05, a one-yard touchdown run was scored by Mason Miller. 1:12 saw Gibson’s third touchdown with a 19-yard run. The second quarter ended at 35-0.

The third quarter opened with an 80-yard kickoff return touchdown by Logan Kopp at 11:44. At 5:34, Jacob Kerr achieved a one-yard run touchdown. The third quarter ended at 49-0.

The fourth quarter saw the Cardinals' biggest play of the night, a 30-yard run before being brought down by Hunter Harper. The Cougars' strong defense never faltered. Final score: 49-0.

The Cougars will host the Edmonson County Wildcats on Sept. 6.