By Sierra Petty


The Grayson County Cougars traveled to Fort Campbell Friday night to face off against the Falcons for the first time.

The first touchdown of the night was achieved by the Falcons’ Jordan Edwards with a 24-yard touchdown pass at 8:40 in the first quarter.

The second quarter saw the Cougars' first touchdown, a seven-yard run by Hunter Gibson at 9:59. This was followed by a 32-yard field goal by Logan Raymer at 8:06. At 4:07, a one-yard touchdown run by Logan Kopp was achieved, despite failing on the PAT. The second quarter ended at 16-7.

In the third quarter, an offside penalty by the Falcons gained the Cougars six yards, despite the penalty typically calling for five yards. But defensive battles ensued and resulted in no scoring, ending the third quarter at 16-7.

The fourth quarter saw the Falcons' second touchdown by Octavious Mahogany at 9:50 with a four-yard run. A fumble by Hunter Gibson lost the ball at 6:17, but, at 5:25, Hunter Tomes intercepted a pass for a 45-yard return touchdown. The final score: 22-14.

The win puts the Cougars at 4-0. They will next travel to Breckinridge County on Friday, Sept. 20.