Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center has recently welcomed its newest full-time physician.

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. Lisa Miller has now opened an internal medicine practice in the former third-floor office of Dr. Greg Skaggs in TLRMC for patients age 18 and over.

Miller began practicing medicine privately in 2000, and, for 19 years, she lived and worked in Nashville, Tennessee before returning to Louisville.

For the majority of her career, Miller primarily treated first responders and their dependents, and, though she takes great pride in this work, she said she recently reached a point in her career where she wished to branch out and broaden her horizons.

After returning to Louisville, someone suggested that Miller consider looking into TLRMC, and, earlier this month, she officially set up her practice in the hospital.

“Everybody in the hospital has gone out of their way to make me feel good, and it’s sincere,” said Miller, adding that she has been amazed by the kindness the people of Grayson County have shown to her thus far.

Miller will operate a solo practice focusing on chronic medical issues such as hypertension and diabetes, but she will also provide acute care for issues such as sore throat, the flu, and bug bites.

Her office will be open on a full-time schedule Monday through Friday, and Miller said she is eager to get started treating patients.

Now in her 20th year practicing medicine, Miller said that, from the time she was a child, she never considered any other career.

After graduating from the University of Louisville, Miller started her residency in 1998. She received all of her medical training from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, which is one of the nation’s oldest and largest historically black academic health science centers.

In addition to treating patients, Miller said she hopes her position at TLRMC will also give her the opportunity to get out and speak to the community about health and wellness.

“I really am passionate about medicine,” she said. “You’re not just a physician on the days you want to be. You’re a physician every day.”

Miller said she wants her mission as a physician to assist with her patients’ desire to get better mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually because she knows that, when she treats patients, she is not only affecting them but also their family, friends, and everyone else with whom they interact in their lives.

To Miller, family is everything, and she takes great pride in hers, who, she says, brought her back to Kentucky after so many years in Nashville. She is the daughter of high school sweethearts Dr. R.Z. and Fannie Miller. Her father is a pastor and her mother worked for the state of Kentucky for over 30 years.

Her oldest sister is a principal at the Academy at Shawnee High School in Louisville and was the first African-American principal in Shelby County. Her younger sister is in private banking.

And though her younger brother passed away unexpectedly three years ago, she said he is now watching over her as her Guardian Angel.

Those requesting to be a patient of Dr. Lisa Miller are encouraged to contact the Twin Lakes Medical Foundation at TLRMC.