The Grayson County Board of Education has released its assessment and accountability statistics for the 2017-2018 school year.

This is the second year of a three-year transition to a new assessment and accountability system called the Every Student Succeeds Act. According to the Kentucky Department of Education, ESSA took the place of the No Child Left Behind Act and gives more flexibility to the state and individual school systems to control the accountability process.

All schools are assessed on student proficiency on tests in reading and mathematics; elementary and middle schools are assessed on tests in science, social studies and writing; elementary and middle school are assessed on growth in reading and mathematics in addition to English attainment for non-native speakers; high schools are assessed on graduation rate and transition readiness for college or career and proficiency is based on ACT scores.

According to the Grayson County Board of Education, these accountability results show increases in achievement for Grayson County Schools. Superintendent Doug Robinson said both state and local focus on how the schools prepare students for life after high school.

According to the results released by the board, elementary schools' proficient and

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distinguished numbers exceed state numbers in all areas except social studies. GCMS scores exceeded state scores in everything except science and it was very close, being only a fraction of a percent lower than the state.

GCHS scored seven points higher in math than the state but was slightly lower in English. Additionally, according to the board, GCHS, along with about half of all of the high schools in Kentucky, was identified for Targeted Support for students in the disability with IEP category. This applies to schools with a specific student group performing below the state threshold.

Graduation rates for GCHS were 3 percent higher than those of the state, but is almost 4 percent lower in transition readiness.

According to Robinson, the schools now have increased opportunities for students to learn about careers in a hands-on way through work-based programs, the middle school's mentorship program, CTE training and certifications. Students have opportunities to get a jump-start on their college courses as well.

"In addition to AP and dual credit coursework, students also have the ability to graduate high school with both their diploma and an associate's degree. They have more opportunities than ever before to learn and apply the life and future ready skills they'll need after they leave Grayson County Schools," said Robinson.

The Grayson County elementary schools and the middle school will add transition readiness in the current school year and it will be measured through students' performance on combined test scores for reading, math, science for grades four and seven, social studies for grades five and eight and writing for grades five and eight.

Robinson said, "We continue to make progress. There are also real opportunities for improvement, as we work to prepare every student to transition from high school to the real world. It's not just about being ready for college or career anymore. It's about being ready for life and equipped with tangible and intangible skills for success in whatever path they choose."

Parents will recieve their child's individual results soon, and they can also see the district and individual school results at