A Leitchfield woman was seriously injured Tuesday night when she was struck and pinned by a GMC Acadia behind St. Joseph Catholic Church in Leitchfield.

According to the accident report filed by Leitchfield Police Officer Dennis Newton, 64-year-old Don Jaggers, of Leitchfield, had backed out of his parking spot behind St. Joseph Church to exit onto North Cannon Drive, and, as he proceeded to go forward, he did not see 75-year-old Carol Gatto, of Leitchfield, walking in front of his vehicle and struck her.

The accident report states that Jaggers stopped the vehicle after his granddaughter informed him that he had hit someone with the vehicle.

According to Newton, the parking lot was dimly lit, and Gatto was wearing dark clothing.

Gatto's left shoulder and neck were pinned under the SUV's bumper and valance, and, according to Newton, when Jaggers attempted to back up, Gatto was dragged for a short distance.

Newton said church goers were able to lift the vehicle off Gatto and get her out before he and EMS arrived on the scene.

According to Newton, Gatto was assessed at Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center before being airlifted to the University of Louisville Hospital.

Gatto's husband informed Newton that Gatto suffered a shattered pelvis and lower spine, in addition to a fractured orbital one, a leg injury and abrasions to her face and body.