Matt Lasley | GC News-Gazette District Judge for the 46th Judicial District, 1st Division Kenneth H. Goff, II, is sworn in by his father, Judge Kenneth Goff.

Matt Lasley | GC News-Gazette

District Judge for the 46th Judicial District, 1st Division Kenneth H. Goff, II, is sworn in by his father, Judge Kenneth Goff.

Grayson County swore in its new and returning elected officials and bid farewell to several of its longtime public servants on Tuesday evening.

During Tuesday's regular Grayson County Fiscal Court meeting, after the regular agenda business had concluded, Grayson County Judge Executive Kevin Henderson recognized all of the outgoing Grayson County elected officials with commemorative Grayson County coins (the county's equivalent to a key to the city) and a plaque displaying their years of service.

Henderson said he respects all of the outgoing magistrates, and, though they may not have always agreed on every issue, they always knew they had the best intentions at heart.

"I'm wholeheartedly thankful for getting to spend the time with you all," he said. "I'm going to miss you."

First recognized was outgoing 6th District Magistrate Curtis Wells, who served on the Grayson County Fiscal Court for 20 years. He was followed by 5th District Magistrate Brad Brown, who served for eight years on the Fiscal Court. Both Wells and Brown opted not to seek re-election this year, but Brown said Tuesday he may run for office again one day.

Next was 4th District Magistrate Jason Dennis who will conclude his tenure on the Fiscal Court after 16 years at the end of this month. Dennis did not see re-election to the 4th District Magistrate position, opting instead to run for Judge Executive, before being defeated by Henderson in the May primary election.

An emotional 2nd District Magistrate Presto Gary accepted his recognition for his 16 years on the fiscal court and three years and five months at the Grayson County Detention Center after Dennis. 1st District Magistrate Harold Johnson was then recognized for his 12 years of service on the fiscal court.

Outgoing Grayson County Attorney Clay Ratley was then recognized for his eight years of service in his position, and the recognitions concluded with retiring Grayson County Clerk Sherry Weedman, who has served a total of 27 years in the county clerk's office.

Gary, Johnson, and Ratley were all defeated in the Republican primary election held in May of this year. Weedman will retire from the county clerk's office on Jan. 1, 2019.

Additionally, Henderson honored the late Bill Skaggs, who served as 3rd District Magistrate for 14 years until his passing in October of 2017; former Grayson County Judge Executive Gary Logsdon, who served in that capacity for 23 years until vacating his position in August of 2017; and outgoing 3rd District Magistrate Brenda Huffman, who fulfilled the remainder of Skaggs' term. Logsdon and Huffman were not in attendance at Tuesday's meeting due to family matters.

Grayson County Sheriff Norman Chaffins express his appreciation to all of the outgoing elected officials for helping him learn and grow in his own position, and Grayson County Jailer Jason Woosley echoed the sentiment.

"You'll be missed," Woosley said.

Following the meeting, Grayson County's elected officials gathered to take the oath of office. Their terms will begin on Jan. 7, 2019.

Henderson, Chaffins, Woosley, Grayson County PVA Ernie Perkins, Grayson County Coroner Joe Brad Hudson, and Grayson County Circuit Court Clerk Stacie Blain, as well as new County Clerk Charlotte Willis; new County Attorney Jeremy Logsdon; and new Magistrates Robby Higdon (1st District), Darin Whitely (2nd District), Tommy Higdon (3rd District), Damon Hornback (4th District), Brian Ashley (5th District), and Neal Saltsman (6th District) were all sworn in Tuesday afternoon.

Five of Grayson County's six constables were in attendance Tuesday to take the oath of office, as well: 1st District Constable Damon Lasley, III; 2nd District Constable Alvin Dockery; 3rd District Constable Marion Higgs; 4th District Constable David Strader; and 5th District Constable Mark Stanton. 6th District Constable Tim "Lizard" Saltsman was absent from Tuesday's swearing in ceremonies.

Bryan Hammons was originally elected 4th District Constable, but after he was hired as the Grayson County Middle School School Resource Officer, he vacated the position because he can not wear two different badges, Henderson said.

Additionally, newly elected Rick Hardin was sworn in as Commonwealth's Attorney for the 46th Judicial Circuit, which consists of Grayson, Breckinridge, and Meade counties, and the re-elected Harold Goff was sworn in as District Judge for the 46th Judicial District, 1st Division.

Also absent from Tuesday's swearing in ceremonies were Grayson County Surveyor Franklin Keith Higdon and District Judge for the 46th Judicial District, 2nd Division Steve Crebessa.

In other business, the Fiscal Court:

*Voted to purchase land beside the Grayson County Government Building on East White Oak Street from Phillip Smith for $60,000. The Grayson County Detention Center will pay half of the cost out of its budget because jail employees will use the property for parking.

The first payment of $20,000 will be made this month. The second payment of $20,000 will be made in January of 2019. And the third and final payment of $20,000 will be made in January of 2020.

*Voted to transfer surplus funds from Ratley's administration to Logsdon's administration.

*Voted to lay off Judy Edwards, effective Jan. 4, 2019.