By Kyle Robinson

Guest Contributor

As Grayson County students lunge into their last semester of the school year, the upcoming pressures of college loom; however, a couple of former Cougars have shared their advice to this year’s Grayson County graduating class about college preparation.

It is important to go into college with a realistic mindset. College is rarely like it is portrayed in movies.

DeAnna Bradley, Grayson County graduate (class of 2015) and senior at Brescia University, said, “Being in a brand new environment is very exciting but can also be intimidating. Joining a club and meeting new people helped me in the transition.

“I couldn’t keep my same habits as I did in high school," Bradley said. "I had to change my study habits to ease myself in the flow of college classes and homework."

In addition to improving study habits, it is crucial to get experience within your major field as much as you can, said Brent Crawford, Grayson County and Brescia University alumnus (class of 2014 and 2018).

“Go job shadow, get an internship, and ask lots of questions to people who have the job you may want,” Crawford said. “You may have an idea of what you want to do, but you will never be certain if you do not experience it for yourself. Do that as soon as possible so you don’t waste your time and money on classes you may not need. Do not be afraid to reach out to businesses, hospitals, or any place that could help you decide if your chosen path is the right one.”

College is a heavy investment, and Crawford learned this lesson first hand.

“Know how much student loans you may have to take out to achieve your goal and evaluate if your top college choice is affordable or not,” Crawford said. “I wish I would have considered all of this because I would have saved two years of hard work and thousands of dollars if I knew what I know now.”