Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Moore Former Senator Virgil Moore came to wish Dr. Duvall a good retirement.

Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Moore

Former Senator Virgil Moore came to wish Dr. Duvall a good retirement.

Dr. Victor Duvall officially retired Friday after 49 years as a family doctor in Clarkson.

Duvall graduated from medical school 51 years ago and on Jan. 15, 1977, he opened up his own clinic at Midway Plaza in Clarkson, alongside Dr. J. L. Nichols' dentist office and the Midway Pharmacy.

Duvall, who turned 77 July 15, said in a letter to his patients, "The decision to retire was a difficult one for me because I love serving the citizens of Grayson and surrounding counties. I have truly enjoyed the time spent with my patients and staff over the years."

A retirement party was held Friday in the waiting room of Duvall's office. Refreshments and cake were served to staff, patients and community members that came to support Duvall on his final day in his office.

Clarkson Mayor Bonnie Henderson was present at the retirement party. She said, "It's bittersweet and I'm glad for him, but I know the community will miss him. I will too."

Henderson was also present when Duvall first opened his office. She was in the band at Clarkson High School and they walked to the office from the school to play at his grand opening.

Wales Montgomery used to work with Duvall. He said in the 1960s, he went to work at War Memorial Hospital and Duvall joined a few months later. He reminisced about how the entire staff ate lunch together that they fixed in the kitchen, and how Duvall's favorite dessert was sorghum molasses and cornbread.

Former state Sen. Virgil Moore was also present at the party. He said, "Dr. Duvall was wonderful as a doctor, a friend and a supporter and I love him."

Lilian Lasley said, "He's a fine man and a good doctor."

Duvall told the crowd, "I had a very fulfilling career, and have been honored to serve you throughout the past 49 years. As I look back with fondness and gratitude, I am thankful for all we have accomplished together. Thank you for all your kindness, loyalty and trust."

Duvall's office will remain open and, according to Sara Ryan of Hardin Memorial Health, Jennifer Vertress, a nurse practitioner will join the practice.

"We are excited for Jennifer to come in," said Ryan. Vertress will join Cari Johnson, APRN and Rita Logsdon, APRN to continue serving Duvall's patients.

Duvall said, "I know without a doubt, these healthcare professionals will continue to provide the very best care to you and your families. Additionally, I have every faith in Hardin Memorial Health's commitment to delivering high quality care to the patients of Grayson and surrounding counties for many years to come."

Duvall thanked the community for the opportunity to provide care for their families and for their support. "Serving my local community has been more rewarding than I could ever express," he said.