A crossing guard was struck by a car near Clarkson Elementary School on Wednesday morning.

At around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, a 2003 Nissan Altima, driven 46-year-old Charles Piercy, of Leitchfield, was traveling east on Millerstown Street, and, as Piercy was approaching the Clarkson Elementary School zone, he noticed an individual, 70-year-old Clarkson crossing guard Michael Guyton, step out in front of his vehicle.

Piercy told investigating Clarkson Police Officer Rick Clemons that the sun was bright and shining in his face at the time, and he did not see Guyton until it was too late.

Piercy said he hit his brakes and tried to stop, but he made contact with Guyton on the right front side of his vehicle, according to an accident report filed by Clemons.

Guyton told Clemons he was going to stop traffic at the time of the collision.

Guyton said he looked to his left and thought that traffic was about 100 yards away, so he started out to stop traffic and was struck.

A witness informed police that she was following Piercy on Millerstown Street at the time of the accident and noticed that speed was not a factor. The witness also said she saw Guyton "fly to the shoulder of the road after contact was made," the report reads.

Guyton, who was wearing a fluorescent jacket at the time of the accident, was transported from the scene with multiple injuries to Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center by Grayson County EMS. He was released from the hospital the following day.