The Grayson County Attorney's Office and Grayson County Detention Center will continue their partnership on the local "Rocket Docket" program for another year.

Rocket Dockets are where felony prosecutors come to District Court to make offers on felony cases that are set for a preliminary hearing. When individuals accept a Rocket Docket offer, they waive a preliminary hearing and their case is not presented to the grand jury. Instead it goes directly to Circuit Court.

The local program, funded last year by the detention center and implemented by the county attorney's office, is an effort to move county inmates through the judicial system more quickly to cut down the cost of housing them at the Grayson County Detention Center.

Grayson County Attorney Jeremy Logsdon said the program targets only individuals charged with lower level felonies. 

Tuesday afternoon, during the regular Grayson County Fiscal Court meeting, Logsdon said the time had come to renew the partnership with the jail, which was willing to provide $12,500 to continue the program for another year. 

According to Grayson County Jailer Jason Woosley, it costs the detention center $42 per day (more than $15,000 per year) to house one inmate, so, if the Rocket Docket program can save the jail the expense of one inmate per year, it can recoup its money for the program plus a surplus. 

Over the last year, around 56 cases have been addressed by Grayson County's Rocket Docket program.

"We're happy to keep helping them as long as we're getting the results we're getting," Woosley said. 

Following discussion, the fiscal court voted to approve the transfer of jail funds to the county attorney's office for the implementation of the local Rocket Docket program for another year. 

In other business:

*The fiscal court approved the annual budgets for the Grayson County Conservation District, Big Reedy Watershed Conservation District, Caney Creek Watershed Conservation District, and Short Creek Watershed Conservation District. 

*Woosley informed the fiscal court that, during an accident in Tennessee, one of the detention center's vehicles was totaled. Woosley said a distracted driver had crashed into the detention center's vehicle.