Amy Lindsey | GC News-Gazette The Clarkson City Commissioners discuss trailer ordinances and budgets at the June 10 meeting.

Amy Lindsey | GC News-Gazette

The Clarkson City Commissioners discuss trailer ordinances and budgets at the June 10 meeting.

The Clarkson city commissioners did not vote on the new trailer ordinance at Monday night's meeting, but they did discuss why they need one.

They began the discussion with the bad conditions in the trailer parks.

According to Clarkson Fire Chief Andy Cain, when a trailer is in a trailer park, it has different rules to follow than a trailer placed on a lot that is owned by the person placing a trailer there; however, no one is able to enforce those rules.

"Everybody has rules, but nobody has the power to enforce them," he said.

According to Cain, residents living in poor conditions in the trailer parks often come to him to figure out how to fix the conditions, but he cannot do anything about it.

Additionally, City Clerk Scotty Gore said that residents who live in trailer parks have had their water turned off, even though they pay utilities with their rent, because their landlord neglects to pay the water and sewer bills.

Some of the commissioners believe they should still go through with the previously discussed ordinance.

"We need to keep more of the trash from coming in," City Commissioner Joyce Bell said. "We have enough of it already."

According to Cain, before a new trailer is moved, it has to be inspected to make sure it is safe to travel on the road and inspected again by the Fire Marshal before the electricity is hooked up.

Mayor Bonnie Henderson said that even if a brand new trailers are brought in, they will have the same problem in 20 years, stating that the problem with the trailers started 20 years ago.

Trailers that are currently placed within the city are not required to be inspected before new tenants move in. The Grayson County Health Department does not have a current condition inspector, so if problems are reported, there is no way to check them, Cain said.

The city commissioners felt that the landlords are taking advantage of the people who rent from them.

They said that some of the trailers are without windows, electricity, and water, and have holes in the floors and walls.

In addition, Cain said that people will live that way because they do not have the money to move and put a deposit on another place.

Henderson said that two landlords cause the majority of the problems, and Cain added that the landlords in question prey on people who are already in bad situations.

"The renters don't deserve that," Henderson said.

The city commission, along with City Attorney Tom Goff, are looking at the current nuisance ordinances that they have in place.

Goff said that they could fine people who do not abide by the ordinances.

Clarkson Police Chief Buck Meredith said it is the police department's job to enforce the city's ordinances, but officers need more guidance on what they should look for because one person may feel that his or her place is not a mess, but others might believe that it is.

"The city needs to let us know what ordinances to enforce and what guidelines to go by," said Meredith.

In other city business:

*The commissioners held the first readings of the city's Fiscal Year 2019-2020 and amended Fiscal Year 2018-2019 budget ordinances, and scheduled a special-called meeting for June 24 at 6 p.m. to complete the second readings and decide whether to vote to adopt them.

*The commissioners and Henderson signed a proclamation concerning Relay for Life Days.

*The commissioners signed a proclamation concerning National Bicycle Safety Week.

City Commissioner Bob Vincent wants people to be aware of their surroundings and to watch out for children on bikes.

*The city's next blood drive will be held next Monday, June 17 from 3-8 p.m. You can give blood every 60 days, and the Red Cross is in need of Type O blood.