Amy Lindsey | GC News-Gazette The Clarkson City Commissioners signed a proclamation to declare Oct. 21-27 as "Red Ribbon Week."

Amy Lindsey | GC News-Gazette

The Clarkson City Commissioners signed a proclamation to declare Oct. 21-27 as "Red Ribbon Week."

The Clarkson City Commissioners prepared for Red Ribbon Week by signing a proclamation Monday night.

The proclamation reads as follows:

"Whereas the City of Clarkson and our local leaders value the health and safety of all our citizens, and;

whereas, substance abuse is particularly damaging to one of our most valuable resources, our children, and a contributing factor in the three leading causes of death for teenager-accidents, homicides, and suicides; and;

whereas, there is hope for winning the war on drugs, and the hope lies in the hard work, and determination of our communities to create a drug free environment, and;

whereas, it is the goal of "Red Ribbon Week" is to involve families, schools, businesses, churches, law enforcement agencies and service organizations in all aspects of this campaign and establish an atmosphere that supports awareness, education and on-going initiatives to prevent illegal drug use, and;

whereas, the Red Ribbon Week Campaign theme promotes family and individual responsibilities for living healthy drug-free lifestyles,

See drugs/page A10

without illegal drugs or the use of illegal drugs, and; whereas, the red ribbon was chosen as a symbol commemorating the work of Enrique "Kiki" Camarena, a drug Enforcement Administration Agent, who was murdered in the line of duty in Mexico City and has come to represent the belief that one person CAN make a difference, and;

whereas there are many activities planned during the Red Ribbon Week Campaign in both locally and nationally under the theme of "Life is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free."

Whereas, the City of Clarkson encourages all businesses and homes to show their support of being drug free by wearing and displaying red ribbons and participating in the activities outlined for each day of "Red Ribbon Week" and by making a year-long commitment to keep our community drug free."

The City of Clarkson proclaimed Oct. 21-27, 2018 as "Red Ribbon Week."

Pending approval by the principal of Clarkson Elementary School, Red Ribbon days will be as follows:

Monday is wear red day. Students will wear red and do the "Floss" during morning movement.

Tuesday is Tacky Tourist Day to go with the Red Ribbon Week theme.

Wednesday is The Drug Free Force is with Me. Students will have a Star Wars theme day. This is also the day for the Red Ribbon Luncheon in which members of City Hall, police and fire departments, and parents are invited to eat lunch with the students.

Thursday is I Love My Drug Free Selfie and photo frames will e available for selfies.

Friday is Hats off to Being Drug Free, in which students will be able to wear hats.

Additionally, students will have Red Ribbon Week coloring sheets, pledge cards and other activities that will proudly be displayed in the hallways.

In other business:

*The Commissioners approved the water easement in front of Kelley Beekeeping Company after talking with the CEO.

*Clarkson Police Chief Buck Meredith would like to thank Sheriff Norman Chaffins for giving him the extra equipment from the police vehicles that Sheriff Chaffins has put up for auction.

*The Clarkson Fire Department is looking into purchasing cordless battery powered tools because their current tools are 30-years-old and are slow. Chief Andy Can said he is looking to purchase four tools that will cost around $8,000 to $10,000 each over the next few years.

*Cain is also going to apply for an American Firefighter Grant to purchase new turnout gear and airpacks nest month.

*The fire department is currently waiting to get the money from the forestry grant they applied for and won for the purchase of a new pump and hand tools.

*The date for the Christmas Tree lighting has been set for Nov. 30 at 6 p.m., the Commissioners are just waiting to hear from Santa.