The Clarkson City Commission on Monday night held the first reading of a new ordinance that, if passed, would not allow any new mobile homes to move into the city limits of Clarkson unless they are placed in a trailer park.

Speaking on the topic during Monday's regular city commission meeting, Clarkson Mayor Bonnie Henderson used the example that, when a mobile home is moved to a lot next to a $300,000 home, regardless of how new or nice the mobile home is, it lowers the value of that $300,000 home.

Over the course of the next month, the commissioners will review the ordinance and alert City Attorney Tom Goff to any changes they would like to make.

The commissioners currently plan to make a change so that the ordinance does not include double-wide trailers.

The ordinance would not apply to trailers that are currently in the city limits. The commissioners are also considering ways to improve the conditions of current properties.

"So many trailers around here are unfit to live in," said Henderson.

According to Clarkson Fire Chief Andy Cain, Clarkson currently has four trailer parks. All trailers in trailer parks will be required to have their own sewer hookups.

Henderson and the commissioners welcome questions and comments about the ordinance. The second and final reading will take place at the June 10 commission meeting.

In other city business:

*It was announced that 85-95 percent of the sewer rehabilitation project is completed. The city received a one month extension for the project due to all of the rain, and now the completion date is set for June 10.

*The commissioners voted to give all full-time and part-time city employees a 3 percent raise that will go into effect the first pay period after July 1. This 3 percent raise will not apply to the city commissioners, the mayor, or city attorney, but it was decided Monday that the city attorney will get a raise from $150 per month to $200 per month.