The regular Clarkson City Commission meeting was held Monday night where the first ordinance of the Comcast Franchise Renewal was read.

The renewal will begin on March 16 of this year and run through March 16, 2030 for a total of 10 years.

The complimentary cable accounts were discussed again. No decision has been made by Comcast on how they will proceed, but it is apparent that the in-kind services will cease to continue at no charge to the city.

In other business:

*Read Across America was brought to attention, and it will be held on March 2 in honor of Dr. Seuss’s 116th birthday. City officials will visit the schools to read to students.

*The refinishing of the Clarkson Community Center floor was discussed. The commission has currently only received one bid from Roy Smith. His bid would grant a warrant on the stain and floor work for one year. The commission decided to wait for additional bids for comparison before moving forward.

*The handling of a new federal law was discussed. The law puts an income requirement on salaried city employees, and anyone below that cap must transition to hourly pay. The city commission will hold another meeting in order to further talk over the transition.

*In addition, Clarkson’s Spring Clean-Up is projected to be held between May 4 and 7.