The Caneyville City Commission held the first readings of ordinances establishing code enforcement and updating the city's nuisance codes on Monday. 

During the regular Caneyville City Commission meeting on Monday, Caneyville City Attorney Tara Ward presented drafts of ordinances relating to code enforcement and updated nuisance codes. 

The code enforcement ordinance would establish a three-person, volunteer Code Enforcement Board - which would hold hearings and hand down decisions related to code enforcement citations - as well as the position of Code Enforcement Officer, who would investigate nuisance complaints and issue citations where they are warranted.

The new nuisance ordinance repeals and replaces Caneyville's former nuisance ordinances to provide updated definitions for what constitutes a public nuisance, as well as penalties for allowing a nuisance to persist. 

During discussion on the ordinances, Ward said the goal of establishing code enforcement is not to have a lot of hearings, but rather to get the issues taken care of. 

City Commissioner Janice Minton said she feels the new ordinances are too restrictive in parts. But Commissioner Mike Geary said the purpose of the ordinances is to have something on the books to address issues if they jump out and grab one's attention, as opposed to giving the city the opportunity to look for things for which to cite residents. 

"This is where we have to start," Geary said. 

Though the first readings of these ordinances were held on Monday, Ward said changes can be made between the first and second readings. With the first readings held, the city commission intends to review the ordinances further and request changes prior to the second readings next month. 

These ordinances will not go into effect until after second readings are held in March. City officials hope they will be in effect in time for countywide clean-up in April.  

In other business, the commission: 

*Adopted a resolution approving the memorandum of agreement between the city of Caneyville and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in regards to the city's receiving $91,520 to repave Walnut Grove Avenue and Center Street. Bids for this project were scheduled to be opened after press time on Friday afternoon.

*Adopted a resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign all documents necessary for the execution of the Caneyville water line rehabilitation project. The resolution also puts on record the city's receiving a USDA loan of $818,000 and grant of $300,000, as well as a community development block grant, to fund the project. 

*Passed a motion to name Ward the city's primary attorney and Randy Jones the city's bond attorney for the Caneyville water line rehabilitation project.