James D. Armes, 36, of Millwood, was recently indicted by a federal Grand Jury for multiple counts of Production of Child Pornography, Distribution of Child Pornography, and Possession of Child Pornography.

Armes was indicted in January by a Grayson County Grand Jury for three counts of Sexual Abuse in the 1st Degree, Victim Under 12 years of Age; two counts of Sodomy in the 1st Degree, Victim Under 12 years of Age; Resisting Arrest; Menacing; and Persistent Felony Offender in the 1st Degree.

According to a press release from Grayson County Sheriff Norman Chaffins, "Upon Armes’ initial arrest, video images of him sodomizing a 10-month old baby were discovered on his phone. This evidence was turned over to federal authorities where additional child porn images were revealed which led to the federal indictments."

During the preliminary hearing for Armes on Dec. 11, 2017, arresting officer, Grayson County Sheriff's Deputy Rance Whobrey stated that on Dec. 2, Central Dispatch received a call from Armes’ father-in law about child sex abuse and the call was given to the GCSO.

Whobrey said James Armes’ wife, Jennifer Armes, stated she had found evidence of the alleged abuse in the form of photos and video on James Armes’ cell phone.

Whobrey said she also informed the deputies that James Armes had an arrest warrant from Cumberland County and provided deputies with the cell phone and gave them permission to access the home she shares with James Armes.

Whobrey testified that he found three photos and a one-minute video showing James Armes allegedly performing sexual acts on a female infant. He said James Armes’ face was visible in the photos.

"The case was turned over to our GCSO detective and retired FBI agent, Dennis Dvorjak," Chaffins said. "Det. Dvorjak consulted with federal authorities, and the decision was made to turn over all evidence to the FBI and pursue charges federally."

The press release states that Armes could face up to 400 years in federal prison, if he is found guilty on all of the federal charges, in addition to 40 years to life if found guilty for the charges in Grayson County.

“A sexual predator who would have, no doubt, continued to prey on our children was removed from the streets of Grayson County," said Chaffins. "The FBI’s investigation will help keep it that way. The images on his phone were some of the most vile and disgusting images we have ever had to view. Monsters like James Armes should never be allowed to walk our streets again."