During an executive session Monday night, the Clarkson City Commission approved the decision to hire a new full-time police officer for the city of Clarkson.

According to Mayor Bonnie Henderson, applicants will be interviewed and hired by Clarkson Police Chief Buck Meredith. This new hire will bring the number of police officers in Clarkson to four, with three full-time officers and one part-time officer.

Meredith is looking for applicants with at least one year of experience, who have completed the academy and are certified.

In addition to a new officer, the Clarkson Police Department will also be expanding its evidence lock-up to a room in the maintenance building. In order to make the space secure, the agency will build a wall to separate the room from the rest of the building, build shelving for the evidence, and install new locks and cameras.

According to Meredith, his current evidence locker is overflowing.

The Clarkson City Commission also approved the last of the paperwork to begin the sewer rehabilitation project.

According to Henderson, the current sewer system is 30 years old. She said the pump stations and the sand trap are not working correctly, and to repair them would cost the city $100,000 each time there were an issue.

"We could either spend money we didn't have to fix it, or do a complete overhaul on the system," she said. "We could get grant money to replace the system, but not to repair the old one."

In order to get approved for the grant, the city had to prove that it had a majority of low to moderate income, and, to do this, city officials had to canvass the city, asking residents about their income.

According to the commissioners, the majority of people were willing to help them, and it was found that the city is 61 percent low to moderate income, which allowed them to apply for the grant and the loan.

"We lucked out; I feel fortunate we were able to get this money," said Henderson.

There are currently 11 pump stations with two pumps at each station, and the sewer project will add another station near the Western Kentucky Parkway.

Construction on the project should start in late summer or early fall of this year.

In other business:

*Commissioner Bob Vincent wants to remind property owners that the sewer ordinance states that all property owners in the city are responsible for their own sewer bills and their tenants.

He said if a tenant moves out, the landlord should call city hall to make sure the tenant paid his or her sewer bill, or it falls on the property owner to pay the bill.

*Clarkson will hold fall clean-up on Aug. 27-30. Residents are asked to place unwanted furniture, appliances and other items by the road to be picked up by the city. Tires, oil, yard debris or hazardous materials will not be picked up. This clean-up is for residents in the Clarkson city limits only.

*The Clarkson Police Department and Clarkson Fire Department want to remind everyone that house numbers can be purchased for $10 at Clarkson City Hall. Meredith will help residents put the numbers up if they need help.

"First responders can't help you if they can't find you," he said.

*The next city blood drive will take place on Sept. 22 at the same time as the Clarkson Honeyfest Pageant.

*Sept. 26 will be the decorating contest judging for the Honeyfest. The City Commissioners encourage all residents in the city limits to decorate. First, second and third place will be awarded for homes and businesses. Prize money and ribbons will be awarded. Residents wishing to participate are asked to call Clarkson City Hall.

*It was announced that Short Street will be blocked during the Honeyfest for safety reasons.