Courtesy Photo Josh Baldwin was named the new Principal of Grayson County High School.

Courtesy Photo

Josh Baldwin was named the new Principal of Grayson County High School.

The Grayson County Board of Education recently hired Josh Baldwin as Grayson County High School Principal and announced the hire in a tweet made on the school district's Twitter feed, Wednesday, May 30.

The position became available after former Principal Todd Johnston was hired as Director of District-Wide Programs at the Grayson County Board of Education.

Baldwin was first hired at GCHS as a teacher in 2008 and in his 10 years at GCHS, Baldwin has served in an administrative role for the past five. Additionally, he taught social studies before becoming Assistant Principal. He also performed coaching roles in baseball, soccer, and the academic team.

According to the Grayson County Board of Education (GCBOE), Baldwin's experience and 20-year active duty Army and KY National Guard career has prepared him for his new leadership role.

According to Caryn Lewis from the GCBOE, "Baldwin is excited about the future of GCHS, its students and staff."

Lewis said Baldwin's goals coming in are to improve graduation rate by 10 percent, and to achieve 100 percent college or career readiness for all graduates.

She said Baldwin wants to improve daily attendance through the use of a new privilege program.

According to Lewis, Baldwin is most excited about a mentorship initiative he’s been developing, which connects teachers and staff with every student to “talk about things that are important to them - what they want to do, who they are, what their skills are, what their strengths are,” she said.

Lewis said that Baldwin noted how such a program would dovetail with college and career readiness, providing students extra support during their high school careers.

Baldwin said, "I am super excited to be able to bring in new ideas to the school. I really love the school and the kids, and I am very excited to be able to lead the school."

According to Lewis, Baldwin’s leadership style and philosophy can best be summed up in two words, servant leadership.

“My entire focus will be on our teachers, staff members and students. This is their journey, and I will work to facilitate a clear path,” he said.

According to Lewis, Baldwin's vision of college and career ready graduates is built on a thriving school community with shared accountability for creating a positive, supportive, nurturing, and respectful learning environment, providing the educational and work-based learning opportunities each individual student requires to be successful.

It also requires that all GCHS students develop crucial 21st century learning and soft skills not only in the classroom, but through technology, and social and community-based experiences, Lewis said.

Baldwin’s vision and leadership were two qualities that stood out to GCHS health science teacher and site-based member, Donna Priest.

According to Lewis, Priest was particularly impressed with “his vision for our school, new ideas to increase student achievement and his plan to support the staff,” calling him “an amazing role model for our students as well as our teachers.”

Baldwin earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Rank I from Western Kentucky University. He and his wife Heidi have three children: Alex, 17, GCHS senior, Aidan, 13, eighth grader at GCMS, and Meredith, 6, first grader at Clarkson Elementary.