A ‘McWhopper’ for Peace Day?

Burger King and McDonald’s are competitors, but Burger King has proposed that the two fast-food chains jointly produce a “McWhopper” that would combine elements of their signature burgers, the Big Mac and the Whopper.

It would be sold for one day — September 21 — at a “pop-up” store in Atlanta, Georgia to benefit the nonprofit Peace One Day organization.

A Burger King official said this would “raise much-needed financial support and consciousness” for Peace One Day. A McDonald’s official commended “the intention,” but suggested “doing something bigger to make a difference.”

Bringing together rivals to benefit a peace organization is an unusual idea. In the newspaper or online, read about businesses or people who are rivals in some way.

Pick two rivals and brainstorm a way that they could join together to benefit the community in some way and make “Peace One Day.”

Write a poem, rap or rhyme about your “Peace One Day” idea and read or perform it aloud.

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