BBB’s October 2015 hot topics

By Better Business Bureau (BBB)

1. Protect yourself from identity theft! Attend BBB’s free document shredding and electronic recycling event on Oct. 17, 2015 from 6 a.m. to noon at 12501 Shelbyville Rd., Louisville, in the Kroger parking lot. Bring up to four large boxes or bags of documents for shredding. Bring these items for electronic recycling: Cell phones, cell phone batteries, circuit boards, copper yokes, CPU chips, DVD/CD Drives, floppy disks, gold connector ends, hard drives, laptops, laptop batteries, memory cards, modems/routers, networking equipment, PC towers, and electronic power supply cables.

2. BBB is hearing from local consumers who say they are receiving phone calls from the “CEO of the prize patrol of the Better Business Bureau.” The scammer tells the consumer that he/she has won a BBB Sweepstakes and they have a check for them. This is a scam! Don’t give any personal information!

3. Scammers are using Louisville Water Company’s name to take money from local residents. The caller tells the resident that his or her account is delinquent, and asks for a credit card number to pay what is owed. Louisville Water Company is not making these calls.

4. Beware of a local CPR Certification Scam. The scammer, who comes to your home offering training for CPR certification, says the certification is through the American Heart Association, but AHA says that’s not how it works. The victim pays cash, and is told the paperwork will be submitted to AHA, but it is never submitted. For more on CPR certification by AHA, go to or call 1-877-AHA-4CPR.

5. Beware of Used Vehicle Scams on Craigslist. A local couple spotted some “unbelievable deals,” but after they came across the same story of a widowed lady selling her daughter’s car because her husband and daughter were killed by a drunk driver, and she had to sell her daughter’s car because of memories, they figured out the “unbelievable deals” were a scam.

6. Don’t fall for a rental scams on Renters find major deals on great homes. The “owner” is out of town and wants a security deposit wired to him or her. The ad looks legitimate and is often copied from a real ad. The renter ends up losing the deposit, and has no place to live.

7. Beware of ransomware on your cell phone. A local consumer says a pop up appeared on his phone, so he clicked on it. The pop up told him he was unauthorized to use a website, then he was locked out of the internet. The scammers demanded $500 to unlock it. Beware of what you click on!

8. If you get a call saying your computer has a security issue, hang up! Local consumers continue to fall for these computer scams. The scammers, who often use “techy” names or pretend to be from Microsoft or Google, say they can fix the problem for a fee. They take your money, log into your computer remotely, then add malware to your computer to steal your identity.

9. Many businesses are marketing Pink Ribbon products and services to support a cure for breast cancer. BBB reminds you to research donation claims before making a purchase. Identify the charity receiving the donation and find out what percentage of the donation actually goes to the cause. Be cautious of any solicitations over the phone. To check out a charity go to

10. Do not get spooked by Halloween Boutiques! Many of these shops and online stores are seasonal. To avoid being haunted, ask the company for its physical address and phone number. Check out the company at Be sure you understand the refund and exchange policy, shipping charges, and provide credit card information only on a secure site.

For more consumer tips, go to or call 1-800-388-2222.

By Better Business Bureau (BBB)

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