Kelley Co. purchases Clarkson land

By Brittany Wise -

Kelley Beekeeping Company (KBC) has made a new step toward keeping Clarkson as its permanent home by purchasing the 18 acres of land which it currently occupies on West Main Street.

The company has operated from this location for more than six decades, and is putting to bed recent rumors of a possible out-of-state move by purchasing the acreage from Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center (TLRMC).

KBC founder Walter T. Kelley left the land on which his company sits to TLRMC following his death in 1986, though the medical center has encouraged KBC to continue calling Clarkson home throughout the years.

“The Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center Board of Directors felt strongly that the Kelley Beekeeping Company should stay in Clarkson and expand at the original site selected 63 years ago by Mr. Kelley,” said Wayne Meriwether, CEO of Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center. “We are glad that we could work together with KBC to come to an agreement that benefits both the company and the community by having them stay in Grayson County.”

Dan Ferrise, CEO of KBC, shared, “We are pleased to continue to invest in the community and further strengthen our roots in Grayson County. We are thankful to the Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center Board for their longstanding support and look forward to continuing our growth in the area.”

KBC is currently developing plans to upgrade and expand portions of the existing facility, located at 807 West Main Street. It will continue to be a historic landmark in the community, with some key technological and architectural improvements and efficiencies coming in the near future.

“Kelley Bees has been an important part of this community for over 60 years,” said Bonnie Henderson, Mayor of Clarkson. “We are confident that their future in Clarkson will be even stronger than their rich history, and look forward to being a part of it.”

By Brittany Wise

Reach Brittany Wise at 270-259-9622 ext. 2014.

Reach Brittany Wise at 270-259-9622 ext. 2014.

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