Alcohol petition circulating

By Brittany Wise -

A petition is being circulated in Grayson County by anonymous individuals seeking to eliminate the “unfair advantage” caused by legalized alcohol sales within Leitchfield and at Rough River’s state park, but not in the remainder of the county.

Residents who are registered to vote have begun receiving letters in the mail asking for their signatures to add to the petition.

The letters read as follows:

“Dear Grayson County Residents,

We are seeking support for the sale of alcoholic beverages in Grayson County which would allow retail sales across the county. Currently, sales are limited in conjunction with restaurant meals only in the City of Leitchfield and at Rough River State Park Lodge. This creates an unfair business advantage for other retail operations in the rest of the county. To eliminate this unfair advantage, this petition is being circulated to put the issue to a vote later this year. As in Breckinridge County, a county wide vote could allow all areas of the county the opportunity for retail alcohol sales.

A list of registered voters was obtained from the KY Board of Elections and this mailer was sent to your household. Please have as many registered voters in your household sign and return by mail within the next two weeks. Postage has already been applied, just fold, and mail back to us.

Thank you so much for your support. We look forward to putting this to a vote later this year.


Vote Yes Committee

Grayson County.”

The letter includes a petition for signature along with postage-paid envelope to mail in signatures.

As of late last year, voters chose to allow alcoholic drinks to be sold by-the-drink at Rough River Damn State Resort Park, securing the same by-the-drink sales ability which was passed inside Leitchfield City limits thanks to a 2010 vote. The remainder of the county, however, remains ‘dry,’ and any sales of alcoholic beverages is illegal.

For the current petition to result in a vote on alcohol sales for the county, at least one-quarter of registered voters must sign.

By Brittany Wise

Reach Brittany Wise at 270-259-9622 ext. 2014.

Reach Brittany Wise at 270-259-9622 ext. 2014.

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