Unlock: Leitchfield to open soon

Business to bring escape rooms to Leitchfield

By Travis Renfrow - Correspondent

Would you want to be trapped in a room with others, scrambling to get out by solving clues and puzzles?

You are given an hour to do so, but do not worry—the doors are not bolted shut, and there is nothing to fear in these rooms.

It is called Unlock: Leitchfield, and it is set to open in February by locals Shawn Decker and Kenny Kiper.

Unlock: Leitchfield is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit.

According to Unlock: Leitchfield’s website, this game is meant to be a “fun, new, interactive entertainment concept…a real-life escape game designed for small groups of people.”

In this game, your goal is simple: work together as a team to escape from a locked room, using your wits, skill, and problem-solving abilities. The goal is simple, but the game is meant to be challenging. But do not worry—you are not actually locked in a room; if you feel the need to leave the room, you are welcome to do so at any time.

This new venture is located in the Southgate Mall.

According to Decker, they are currently “putting the finishing touches on our two themed rooms, ‘The Toymaker’ and ‘Wrong Directions.’”

He goes on to say that they “hope to have some teams take a few practice runs through the escape rooms to make sure everything goes to plan.”

If it does, Decker hopes to make the online booking system go live on Feb. 3-4.

Each of the two rooms will have its own backstory with unique puzzles to solve in order to escape.

So who should play Unlock: Leitchfield?

Unlock: Leitchfield can be played for a variety of reasons: team building exercises for companies, friends and family nights out, date night, game enthusiasts, travelers and tourists, and special moments such birthdays or holidays are all great reasons to play this escape game.

The game is recommended for people ages 12 and up. Younger players are allowed, but the content may be too difficult for them. Players 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Decker said that the public’s reaction has been “nothing but positive.”

He continued, saying, “We have had several people from Grayson and surrounding counties show interests in setting up appointments for their business offices, church groups, school clubs and organizations. We would like to get our community involved by having some friendly competitions between school systems, businesses, churches, or even just family and friends to see who can escape in the fastest time and have bragging rights.”

Decker promises that Unlock: Leitchfield will “no doubt be an experience you won’t forget.”

You do not need to book in advance, although it is highly encouraged. Rooms will fill up fast, and they will not be able to guarantee you a spot if you walk in. You will be able to book a room at www.unlockleitchfield.com. The price will be $19.99 plus tax. Decker notes that this price is at least $10 cheaper than escape games in surrounding areas further away, such as Bowling Green or Louisville.

The rooms will be open Thursday through Saturday, but you may message them to reserve a room on days they are not scheduled to be open.

For more information on Unlock: Leitchfield, follow their Facebook page at “Unlock: Leitchfield Escape Rooms” or visit their website at www.unlockleitchfield.com. You may contact them through Facebook or email at [email protected]

Business to bring escape rooms to Leitchfield

By Travis Renfrow


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