Summons and Warrant list

The following individuals have been issued a criminal summons or warrant to be served through the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO).

The GCSO publishes this list in hopes of reducing the number of outstanding papers and encouraging individuals whose names appear here to come forward to be served. Being listed here in no way implies guilt, as all parties are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

If you know the wherabouts of anyone listed below, you may contact the GCSO with that information by calling 270-259-3024.

Criminal Summons

Rebecca Alexander – Leitchfield

Larry Allen Jr.- Falls of Rough

John D. Alvey – Leitchfield

Elizabeth M. Baker – Caneyville

Lisa Beach

Brian Beesley – Caneyville

Chris Black – Leitchfield

Mary F. Brooks – Millwood

Zachary Clark – Leitchfield

Wendy Crawford – Leitchfield

Patricia Decker – Millwood

Bradford Downs

Devon Drake – Leitchfield

Ashley D. Embry

Chris Embry – Hardinsburg

Charlene F. Hayes – Caneyville

Howard Hester – Leitchfield

Jason Holden – Millwood

Joey Jay – Leitchfield

Raymond Johnson – Big Clifty

Tom Lashley – Leitchfield

Denny R. Lyons – Leitchfield

Nikolas T. Madison – Leitchfield

Raymond McCormick – Leitchfield

Courtney McGuffin – Caneyville

Hazel Minogue – Falls of Rough

Michael Mulligan – Leitchfield

Kerry Nix – Big Clifty

Tammy Nugent – Leitchfield

Wanda Nunn – Big Clifty

Shelby L. Parsley – Leitchfield

Donald Riggs – Butler County

Hazel Schneider – Leitchfield

Miranda Skinner – Leitchfield

Cynthia Slayton – Caneyville

Dale Snider – Big Clifty

Kaitlyn Whitis – Leitchfield

Bench Warrant

Cecil Bruce Jr. – Custer

Donald Caswell – Big Clifty

James B. Collard – Big Clifty

Mark Embry – Caneyville

Timmy Embry – Caneyville Patrick Hack – Leitchfield

Marti V. Hunley – Millwood

Chad M. Kassinger – Leitchfield

Taylor Milliner – Leitchfield

James Owen Mudd – Leitchfield

Sharon Payton – Leitchfield

Timothy Polston – Leitchfield

Jonathan R. Richards – Clarkson

Adam Schmidt – Millwood

Krystal Skidmore

Thomas Wallace Jr.

Cassandra Whitaker

Amanda Whobrey – Leitchfield


Michael Alvarez

James Bates – Radcliff

Mickey Beahl – Falls of Rough

Brian L. Beesley – Caneyville

Mark Bennington Jr. – Louisville

Jenny Berryhill – Leitchfield

Joseph Blankenship – Leitchfield

Joshua S. Blough – Big Clifty

Daniel Boone – Clarkson

Michael Brewer – Clarkson

Allen E. Brooks – Leitchfield

Johnny Brown – Leitchfield

Lana Brown – Breckinridge County Jail

Anthony Bush – Mammoth Cave

Jon C. Cain – Leitchfield

Andrea E. Carroll – Leitchfield

Edward Carroll – Leitchfield

Dawn Carwile – Leitchfield

Thomas R. Clark – Leitchfield

Richard Coleman – Caneyville

Jason D. Cooper – Caneyville

Jason H. Cooper – Millwood

Alvin Courtney – Leitchfield

Jonathan Cunningham

Lonnie Decker

Mandy Decker – Caneyville

Brian E. Dennis

Robin M. Duvall – Caneyville

Billy Elkins – Caneyville

Mark B. Embry – Caneyville

Michael D. Embry

Debra Fowler – Leitchfield

Charles R. Gaither – Falls of Rough

Jessie Garcia – Big Clifty

Barbara Geary – Leitchfield

Sarah E. Geary – Leitchfield

Amy L. Gentleman – Leitchfield

Vance Gibson Jr. – Leitchfield

Amber R. Gilbert – Leitchfield

Richard Given – Clarkson

Matthew Graham

Kyle Gulley – Leitchfield

Ashley Hargrove – Letichfield

Thomas H. Harper – Caneyville

Jennifer A. Hayes – Leitchfield

Brandy Hazel – Millwood

Elsie Hazelwood

Amy Higdon – Clarkson

Milton R. Higdon – Leitchfield

Raymond Higdon – Leitchfield

Emery Hills – Millwood

Jason Holden – Caneyville

Nina Hogan – Leitchfield

Eric M. Johnson – Leitchfield

Michael Johnson – Leitchfield

Tonya Johnson

April Lish – Leitchfield

Joshua B. Long – Fall of Rough

William E. Kennedy – Leitchfield

Lillian D. King – Leitchfield

Matthew B. King – Leitchfield

Jessica Koerner

Leslie J. Keown – Leitchfield

Shakira Kossow – Leitchfield

Jon League – Clarkson

Brandy L. Lee – Leitchfield

Jason K. Lee – Clarkson

Matthew B. Lindsey – Leitchfield

Zachery Lindsey – Clarkson

William Litteral – Big Clifty

Jamie Marienau – Leitchfield

Ronald Mason

James Masters – Clarkson

William Mathis – Leitchfield

Shane McDaniel – Leitchfield

Stephanie A. Merritt – Leitchfield

Aaron D. Miller – Leitchfield

Jacob D. Minoque – Leitchfield

Russell Moore – Leitchfield

Nicolas Morelos – Leitchfield

Kevin L. Murphy – Caneyville

Shannon D. Murphy – Leitchfield

Steve Murphy – Leitchfield

Joseph A. Nelson – Clarkson

Hayley Newton – Leitchfield

Michael Osbourne – Caneyville

Jessica M. Parks – Leitchfield

Jeremy Payment – Leitchfield

Gregory Pearl – Leitchfield

Jeffrey Peters – Big Clifty

Timothy Polston – St. Paul

Jerry H. Poole – Leitchfield

James T. Prewitt – Leitchfield

Jason Prewitt – Leitchfield

James Reid – Big Clifty

Carolyn Richey – Leitchfield

Stephen Rishkofcki – Leitchfield

Thomas Rix – Leitchfield

Mark A. Roof – Big Clifty

Thomas A. Roof – Leitchfield

Christal Russell – Leitchfield

Chrystal Samuels – Leitchfield

Kimberlee P. Sewell

Erik Simcoe – Leitchfield

Paula Spagnola

Rebecca J. Terry – Big Clifty

Adam L. Webb – Leitchfield

Clinton R. Wheeler

Billy Whobrey – Leitchfield

Crystal G.Wilson – Leitchfield

James Woodham – Big Clifty

Jeremy Wright – Caneyville

Louis Ziakas Jr. – Leitchfield

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