Jr. Pro Tennis Leage a “smashing hit”

The local Jr. Pro Tennis League more than doubled its participation numbers for the summer of 2015.

Following a nation-wide trend of increased interest in tennis among youth, the Grayson County program went from 21 participants last year to a greatly increased 51 participants this year.

Coach Sherry Vincent, Coordinator Jim Gorby, and a host of volunteers work with youth who are interested in learning the game.

With a variety of ages represented, coaches modify lessons according to age level to allow everyone to progress at the proper pace as they learn to play.

While a rising interest in the sport across the county may play a roll in the increased local numbers, much of the program’s success is due to Coach Vincent’s energy, knowledge and experience.

The league seeks not only to provide local youth with fun physical activity, but to hopefully provide them with the skill and passion to continue playing for a lifetime.

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