Camp Courageous is epic

Courtesy photo MDA project leaders are Noah Cummings, Zach Lashley, and Hannah Clemons (not pictured).

Courtesy photo “Cubby” is the camp’s official mascot.

Courtesy photo Even the treatment rooms are meant to be cheery and non-threatening for the kids.

Courtesy photo Hand-made quilts are on each camper’s bed to make the kids feel at home.

Courtesy photo The entire group flexing their muscles to show our determination in helping those with muscular dystrophy.

Courtesy photo The “Wall of Heroes” are tiles that each camper makes and are mounted each year.

On June 18, a group of DECA Officer Action Team members, the Central Region Vice President, parents, and their advisor visited the Center for Courageous Kids in Scottsville, KY during VIP Day for camp for children with muscular dystrophy. MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) invited us to this special day because of DECA’s hard work and dedication to raising money every year to help these children. MDA and DECA have been working together since 1981 to raise money to help seek a cure for neuromuscular diseases, such as muscular dystrophy. Our own GCHS DECA chapter has raised $87,292.37 since 1997. The epic efforts of our chapter provided us with an opportunity to come see the facilities and children at the camp in Scottsville one day during their weeklong camp.

The Center for Courageous Kids is a world class medical camp that serves children with many different diseases for no charge. Some of these diseases include autism, asthma, cancer, diabetes, and asthma. The medical care they provide allows seriously ill children to attend their camp when they have no way to attend a regular summer camp. The medical center is fully supplied with whatever the campers should have to meet their medical needs. On VIP Day, we got a full tour of this medical center and the rest of the facilities at the camp.

As we arrived at the medical center at the beginning of the day, we saw various groups who had also been invited for raising funds themselves for MDA. It showed how much support there is for MDA even in just our local region, let alone the country. There were 74 children with muscular dystrophy attending the camp that week and each had their own counselor that helped them throughout camp. When the tour started, we visited the arts and crafts building, which included rooms for music, cooking, art, a woodshop, and a beauty shop. They told us how the girls would come to the beauty shop the night before the dance to get ready and how every child built their own wooden car for a race at camp. If a child wasn’t physically able, they could tell their counselor exactly how they wanted their car to look and their vision would come true. Next, we visited the building that all the children came to for fun and games, such as bowling, pool, and pinball. For children that couldn’t physically bowl with their arms, the camp had a tool that would allow the child to push the bowling ball down a slope and into the lane with their chin.

Then, our tour took us to the pool and gym. The pool was a place where all children could have fun without worrying about their condition. In this building, we saw their own personal Hall of Fame and the walls were covered with tiles with children’s handprints on them and their name. You could see how many children had attended this camp and had their lives changed. We got a small look at one of the lodges the children stayed in during camp. There was also a pond where everyone could fish or canoe and stables where every kid was given the chance to ride a horse, no matter what.

This was exactly what the camp was supposed to be about; these children having fun and doing things that they had been told and thought they couldn’t do. They thought they would never get to attend summer camp like other kids, but MDA and the founder of the Center for Courageous Kids gave them this opportunity to almost forget about their condition and just have fun like any kid that got to go to camp would have. Seeing those faces helped us realize how special these children are and exactly what we contribute to every year when we fundraise for MDA. DECA’s theme this year is “be DECA epic” and DECA clearly plays a vital role at the local and national level in providing an epic experience for these children and many others.

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