USDA helps family have a home

By Michaela Priddy - Intern/Reporter

USDA Rural Development held their annual June homeowner event Wednesday, June 22. Their chosen family for the event was the Perrin family, who found help at UDSA through the 502 Home Loan Program.

Bryan and Angela Perrin, with their two children, had been looking for a new home in Grayson County for a year before finding the house on Crow Hollow Road in Clarkson.

The process had started three years prior when Bryan’s health began to deteriorate due to chronic heart problems. Bryan is currently on the donor list for a heart transplant. Due to these health complications, the family was looking to sell their home in Sonora, KY and move closer to family in Grayson County.

The owner of the house told them to ask USDA Rural Development about their programs to help families get homes. Six months later the Perrins had the house.

“It was truly worth the wait,” said Bryan.

The one-story house has no large steps and no renovations were needed, unlike other houses the family looked at.

“It was a blessing. Having a dream home was a plus and it’s perfect for him,” Angela said. “We’ve got an awesome home.”

The 502 Home Loan Program provided by USDA will work with low-income families when paying off the loan. The USDA provides 100 percent financing along with this.

“It’s not so outrageous, it’s very functional,” said Angela. “It’s a good program for a family that’s disabled and for fixed income families.”

The Perrins and their extended family cut the ribbon to their new home Wednesday, along with USDA Area Director Terry L. Loper and Area Specialist Darlene Hager.

“This is a very special day for your family and for us. You have a lovely family. To see the children’s smiling faces is just wonderful,” said Loper to the Perrins.

The housing programs provided by USDA Rural Development could take up to six months to place a family according to Hager, who has placed many families in Grayson County since starting work in 1990. Hager encourages those interested in the USDA programs to contact the Elizabethtown Area Office at (270) 769-1555, ext. 4.

The Perrin family is grateful for the USDA’s help with their new home.

“You’re not just getting a house, you’re getting a home,” said Angela. “God and family, that’s what life’s about.”

By Michaela Priddy


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