Getting fit with fitbits

By Michaela Priddy - Intern/Reporter

Grayson County elementary students discovered the fun of exercise thanks to the Fit for Fun program orchestrated by the Leitchfield Pediatric Clinic.

Initially a program for students at risk of obesity and funded by an I-Hop grant from the Passport Health Plan, the clinic expanded Fit for Fun with the extra grant money and additional funding supplemented by the Grayson County Board of Health.

Students in the second to fifth grades in each elementary school were given iBitz to count their steps in a school-wide competition. The iBitz pedometers count steps and aren’t effected by regular movement, making them more accurate than regular pedometers. 1,600 pedometers were brought in for the program.

The program was meant to “hopefully promote movement, increase good life habits, and promote family time,” according to Leitchfield Pediatric Clinic Office Manager Stephanie Priddy.

“Our goal was to touch as many children as we could to build healthy habits,” Priddy said.

The program helped the clinic to see how much students were moving and how they were moving, observing that Grayson County students were participating in several minutes of high energy activity known as Most Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA).

By expanding the program, the clinic impacted over 1,200 students in the school system, as opposed to the original 75 people in the original program.

“I’m so proud of it,” said Priddy.

In total, students walked 415,825,285 steps with a total mileage of over 138,000 miles. Caneyville Elementary School won overall with 193,889,742 steps with an average of 657,253 steps per student.

“Caneyville did an absolutely, positively amazing job,” said Priddy about the 271 Caneyville students that participated.

Clarkson Elementary School got second place with a total of 152,248,628 steps with an average of 354,066 steps per student. Wilkey Elementary School students walked 84,436,508 steps with an average of 233,250 steps per student. Lawler Elementary School walked 36,121,665 steps with an average of 120,005 steps per student.

Over $4,000 in prizes were given to schools and students for participating.

The overall winner of the county, Clarkson fifth grader Tayden Logsdon, was awarded a certificate for a bike at Embry’s bike shop after walking over 3.6 million steps.

Each grade had an overall winner who received a $15 gift card to Wal-Mart. $75 gift cards for new shoes at Hibbett Sports were given to the winners of each school.

The overall school winner for Caneyville was second grader Jackson Rusher, who had walked almost 2,966,370 steps. For Clarkson, the school winner was Logsdon. For Lawler, fourth grader Logan Dennison walked the most with 2,455,437 steps, and fourth grader Kenton Cornwell was the winner for Wilkey with 3,147,763 steps.

Approximately 120 students were awarded a one-day pass for themselves and for an adult to the Leitchfield Aquatic Center for walking over a million steps and each class with the highest average in their grade was awarded a movie with popcorn. In addition to this, the grade with the highest step average in each school received inflatables for a day.

“We really hope to do this again next year with getting the middle school involved, the only problem is funding because of cost,” said Priddy, who was meeting with G.D. Meredith to talk about getting a grant in the making for funding next year.

By Michaela Priddy


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