Leitchfield to vote on alcohol sales

By Don Brown - [email protected]

Grayson County Clerk, Sherry Weedman, presented the Grayson County Fiscal Court with the results of two petitions which circulated in Leitchfield concerning the sale of alcohol, in the city itself and at a small, local winery, during the regular session of the court on Friday, Apr.15.

The first petition was circulated by Billy Davis, owner and operator of Arbor Stone Vineyards, asking if voters in the North A Precinct would be in favor of the vineyard selling wine on its property. The minimum number of signatures required to call for a vote was 82, which represented 25 percent of the number of votes in the last General Election. Davis had gotten 91 signatures.

The second petition was circulated by Tim Clark and asked if voters in Leitchfield would be in favor of the sale of alcoholic beverages in the city of Leitchfield. The minimum number of signatures required was 245 and Clark gathered 283.

A special election has been set for Tuesday, June 21, 2016. All voters in Leitchfield will vote on the matter of alcohol sales in the city, while only those in the North A Precinct will vote on the sale of wine at Arbor Stone.

First District Magistrate Harold Johnson questioned why the county would have to foot the bill for the special election when it only affects people in Leitchfield. Weedman replied that it was, “…by statute.”

Johnson replied he knew it was by statute, but said he still didn’t feel it was right. Judge Executive, Gary Logsdon, suggested the court send, “…a very polite request,” to the city asking to be reimbursed for the election. Johnson then made a motion do do just that and after it was seconded, the magistrates voted to make such a request.

Kevin Young, representing the Rural Secondary Road Program, presented the court with its proposal on which roads would be worked on this year. In addition to routine maintenance and the County Judge Executive Expense, which totaled just over $572,000, the proposal included four projects that brought the total allocation for the program to $1,539,914.

The first priority would be resurfacing a 1.312-mile stretch of Ky. 110, from Ky. 79 to Ky. 736, at a total cost of $111,245.

Priority two would be resurfacing a 2.282-mile stretch of Ky. 878 from Vic Young Rd. to Ky. 54 at a total cost of $168,788.

Priority three would be resurfacing a 3.477-mile stretch of Ky. 479, from Nina Meredith Ln. to Ky. 224 This would be an extension of work done on the same road last year and would come in at a cost of $274,429.

The last project would be resurfacing a 5.242-mile stretch of Ky. 1214 from Ky. 479 to the Rock Creek Bridge. The total cost of that project would be $413,090.

The court voted unanimously to approve the proposal as presented.

The court had solicited bids for the replacement of windows on the third floor of the old courthouse, on the square in Leitchfield, where Weedman has her offices. Weedman said there are a total of 33 windows, 14 of which have transoms and 18 of which are double windows.

Only one bid was received for the work, from John Bell, of Sonora. His bid was $88,720.

The court was a bit dismayed over the bid, feeling it was high, and decided to table the matter until they could speak with Bell about it.

The court held a short executive session to discuss personnel matters, but upon their return said no action had been taken.

In other matters, Logsdon signed a proclamation presented by Chester Shartzer, declaring Thursday, May 5, 2016, as a National Day of Prayer in Grayson County.

The court received monthly settlements and budget transfers from the treasurer, the sheriff and the jailer, as well as a quarterly statement from the treasurer.

The court also accepted into the minutes of the meeting the budgets from the Big Reedy and Caney Creek Watersheds.

By Don Brown

[email protected]

Reach Don Brown at 270-259-9622, ext. 2016.

Reach Don Brown at 270-259-9622, ext. 2016.

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