Hospital District OKs budget, elects officers

Grayson County News-Gazette file photo The Grayson County Hospital District approved its budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year this week.

The Grayson County Hospital District approved its operating budget for the 2015-2016 fiscal year this week.

During its Friday, June 19 meeting, the Grayson County Hospital District Board of Trustees was presented with its proposed operating budget for the fiscal year ending (FYE) on June 30, 2016.

Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center (TLRMC) Chief Financial Officer Scott Arndell, who read through the budget during the meeting, said this year’s budget does not differ drastically from last year’s.

The Grayson County Hospital District’s budget for the FYE June 30, 2016, which was approved by the Hospital District Board, is as follows:

Total Revenues: $1,375,000

Total Expenditures: $1,286,830

Excess of Revenues Over Expenditures: $88,170

Total Excess of Revenues Over (Under) Expenditures and Other Sources (Uses): $78,170

Estimated Fund Balance – June 30, 2015: $3,375,000

Projected Fund Balance – June 30, 2016: $3,453,170

Debt Service Summary:

Hilliard-Lyons 2007 Bonds – OR Expansion – Total: $863,680

Hilliard-Lyons 2014 Bonds – Hospital Expansion – Total: $419,150

Debt Service Total: $1,282,830

In other business:

*The Hospital District Board elected new officers, effective immediately.

Former Vice President Wes Basham will now serve as President. Former President Kendall Clemons will now serve as Vice President. And Pam Langdon will remain Secretary.

TLRMC Chief Executive Officer Wayne Meriwether said to Clemons, “I appreciate your service.”

*The Hospital District Board approved its audit engagement letter for the FYE June 30, 2015.

Arndell said the cost of the audit increased slightly from the previous year.

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