Clarkson Commission addresses light agenda

By Don Brown

With just a few items on the official agenda, the Clarkson City Commission went into an informal discussion of some upcoming events at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Feb. 8, 2016.

After the commissioners voted to approve the minutes of the last meeting and okayed the payment of bills for January, they voted to approve a procalmation of the city’s support of the upcoming Read Across America Day.

The annual event, which is held nationwide, will be Wednesday, March 2, and all the schools in Grayson County participate, with guests reading excerpts from various books to the students.

After approving the proclamation, Mayor Bonnie Henderson spoke to the commissioners about the city’s upcoming blood drive, which will be held at the Clarkson Community Center. A tentative date of Saturday, April 2 had been set, but Henderson said there may need to be a change of plans.

There is a possibility that the Clarkson Alumni Dinner may be held on that date. The Alumni Association will meet sometime this week to set a firm date, and if they choose to have the dinner on April 2, then the blood drive will be moved back to April 16.

The commission confirmed the dates for the annual Spring Cleanup. Four days in April will be set aside for the cleanup: Monday through Thursday, April 4, 5, 6, and 7. This event is only for residents of the city of Clarkson.

A discussion of advertising signage at the Community Park resulted in commissioner Scotty Gore being asked to contact local sign makers to get cost estimates for a couple of different sizes of signs. This issue had not been addressed in several years and the commission agreed there was a need to have new signs made.

The commissioners also discussed the annual Easter Egg Hunt, scheduled for March 26 at the Community Park. While no decisions were made firm, it was agreed there would need to be some proceduarl changes to make the event run smoother this year.

Last year, Ryan Haycraft won the bid to do the mowing around the city’s sewage treatment plant and he has submitted a bid again for this year. He told the commission that he made the bid last year without a full understanding of everything involved in the job and admitted that his bid this year will be higher.

Mayor Henderson informed Haycraft and the commission that she had received another bid that same day and that she would present both of them to the commissioners at their next meeting.

Finally, as something of an afterthought, the commission voted to approve the selection of Andy Cain as chief of the city’s volunteer fire department. The fire department had previously selected Cain to continue as chief, a position he has held for several years, but Henderson reminded everyone that the commission needed to vote its approval as a formality. The motion passed unanimously.

By Don Brown

Reach Don Brown at 259-8622, ext.2018.

Reach Don Brown at 259-8622, ext.2018.

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