Locals witness Governor’s address

By Theresa Armstrong - [email protected]

A number of local residents travelled to Frankfort on Tuesday to witness Governor Matt Bevin’s “State of the Budget” address.

When he addressed the General Assembly, Bevin honored the “heroes” who braved the cold during the recent snow storms and kept the State of Kentucky running. He called for $650 million in “cuts across the board” during his State of the State and State of the Budget Address Tuesday, Jan. 26.

Bevin vowed to not let our children and grandchildren shoulder the debt of current generations and said he would not sign a budget that does so.

“I will not sign any bill or budget that encumbers any future generations or ‘sticks it to’ our children and grandchildren,” said Bevin. “It is not acceptable for a budget where the bottom line is zero. We must make the bottom line cut into the debt to make this happen.”

Bevin spent more than an hour offering a budget that would dedicate money to education, the pension system and law enforcement.

“We are looking to get our financial house in order,” Bevin told reporters before his first State of the Commonwealth address Tuesday night in Frankfort.

In closing, Bevin reiterated what he calls “saving for a down payment of Kentucky’s future.”

“This is your money. We need to spend it like it’s your money because it is. Wisely, to be prudent. That’s what this budget does,” Bevin said.



By Theresa Armstrong

[email protected]

Reach Theresa Armstrong at 270-259-9622, ext. 2015.

Reach Theresa Armstrong at 270-259-9622, ext. 2015.

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