Fiscal Court talks waste collection

By Theresa Armstrong - [email protected]

The Grayson County Fiscal Court was presented with a list of items collected by the GC Solid Waste Department during the Friday, Dec. 18 meeting.

After presenting the Fiscal Court with documents stating over 600 tires were collected last year, Brenis Hudson, with the Solid Waste Enforcement Office, requested that county residents and businesses be allowed to dump used tires for a fee of $1.

“If we allowed them to bring their used tires to us and just charged a dollar, I think we will have a lot less tires dropped off on the side of the road,” said Hudson.

After some discussion, the fiscal court took no action.

Magistrate Harold Johnson led the discussion with a question about where the tires were being dropped off and agreed it would benefit the residents and businesses to offer this fee.

“Currently a lot of the businesses are holding the tires until we have an amnesty day and they can dispose of them for free,” said Johnson. “If we allow them to bring the tires to us and charge a fee, there may be less tires dropped off on the side of the road and collected.”

Hudson explained the amnesty.

“About every three years, the state allows us to dispose of the tires for free for a period of time,” Hudson said. “We have thousands of tires over there now.”

Hudson said there are times when he picks up numerous tires at one time where someone has dropped them off.

“One time I picked up about 20 of them on Hanging Rock Road where someone must have stood in the back of a pickup truck and threw the tires every 10 feet or so,” said Hudson.

Magistrate Pesto Gary disagreed with the suggestion.

“I have a hard time letting these tire dealers pay us just a dollar to dispose of their tires when they charge their customers $5 a piece,” said Gary.

That ended the discussion with no action taken.

Hudson also reported they had picked up over 900 bags of garbage, 42 mattresses, 13 box springs, and several other items throughout the year. Over 267 runs were made in 2015.

In other business:

*County Attorney Clay Ratley mentioned his office was modernizing the child support office and adding documents and files to the computer.

“This is mandated by the state,” said Ratley. “This will require no additional funds from the fiscal court.”

By Theresa Armstrong

[email protected]

Reach Theresa Armstrong at 270-259-9622, ext. 2011.

Reach Theresa Armstrong at 270-259-9622, ext. 2011.

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