Safe Driving Tips From The GCSO

Submitted by Sheriff Norman Chaffins

As we approach this holiday season, the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind our citizens to be vigilant and drive safely during this busy time.

Although there will be hundreds upon hundreds more motorists on Kentucky roadways this season, traffic fatalities can be reduced if drivers will just follow a few simple rules:

– Wear your seatbelt – statistics show that many fatalities can be prevented if occupants would just wear their seatbelt.

– Properly restrain your children in either a car seat (less than 40 inches) or in a booster seat (40-57 inches).

– Drive the speed limit and give yourself plenty of time when traveling from place to place.

– Follow the 3-second rule when driving behind another motorist. – pick a point in the roadway and when the car in front of you passes that point, it should take you 3 seconds to get to that same point. If you get to the point before 3 seconds, you are following too closely.

– If traveling in inclement weather, reduce your speed and make sure you inform someone when you leave and when you arrive at your destination.

– Finally, turn your cell phone OFF. If you need to make a call or text, pull over at a safe location.

If everyone follows these basic traffic rules, this Christmas season will be filled with great memories for Grayson County families.

We would also ask citizens to maintain a high level of vigilance not just during this Christmas season, but throughout the year. If you see something or someone out of place, report it to local law enforcement.

Submitted by Sheriff Norman Chaffins

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