High School gets $1.185 million in plumbing renovations

The high school plumbing renovation which began last summer is to be completed over the coming months following a vote by the Grayson County School Board on Thursday evening, June 11.

The project, which will completely overhaul the school’s outdated and problematic original plumbing, was so large that it had to be broken into two separate phases. Phase I was completed during summer break of last year, and the second portion will be carried out this summer.

Doug Robinson, who currently serves as Assistant Superintendent and will take over as Superintendent next month, said that school administrators are hoping that the project will be completed before students head back to class in August. However, he said that they understand that there is a chance some smaller finishing touches may be required after school is back in session.

This portion of the renovation project will take place on the north side of the building, and will include administrative offices; the gym area, including concession stands and locker rooms; and the remainder of that portion of the building.

The cost for the project is estimated at $1.185 million dollars.

Greg Phillips, a Hilliard Lyons representative who has done extensive work with the school system, advised during Thursday evening’s School Board meeting that this is an excellent time to bond for the project because interest rates are very low.

He said that the project was “well within” the school’s bonding capacity, and that he understood that while the school may have enough cash on-hand to get the work done, “it is wise to preserve as much cash as you can, especially with rates so low.”

Because school board entities are not legally capable of entering into bonds for longer than a one-year period, Phillips explained that the board will follow the typical protocol of working with a separate agency who will bond the project, and then making rent-like payments to that entity until the bond is paid in full.

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