Rough River drawdown begins Oct. 19

By Brittany Wise -

The Corps of Engineer’s Rough River Lake office has released the start date for winter drawdown.

The Corps will begin lowering water levels in Rough River Lake on Monday, Oct. 19, and anticipates reaching winter pool levels by Tuesday, Dec. 1 as long as weather conditions do not interrupt the process.

“If we get a lot of rain, that may hold us up a bit,” said Corps representative Brittany Ford.

The lake is currently sitting at the summer pool level of 495 ft MSL, and will be lowered at a controlled rate until it reaches the winter pool level of 470 ft MSL.

All Rough River boat ramps will remain open until the water depth at the ramp makes launching impractical, according to a recent press release.

North Fork and State Park ramps are open year-round, but boaters are asked to launch with caution at these sites.

For additional information, feel free to contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rough River Lake Project Office by calling 270-257-2061.

By Brittany Wise

Reach Brittany Wise at 270-259-9622 ext. 2014.

Reach Brittany Wise at 270-259-9622 ext. 2014.

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