Notice: Caneyville, Spring Lick precinct voters

Staff Report

Per KRS 117.065 and KRS Chapter 424 Notice is hereby given of change of precinct location for Caneyville and Spring Lick.

The Grayson County Board of Elections met in regular session Monday, Aug. 31, 2015 and voted to move two voting precincts. Caneyville Precinct and Spring Lick Precinct, which are currently in the new Caneyville Elementary School, will be moved to the old Caneyville School, located at 202 E Maple St., Caneyville.

The move came about in part due to a signed request by the Caneyville City Commissioners and delivered by Commissioner Mike Geary to the County Board of Elections. The Grayson County Election board then went to the old Caneyville School and conducted the state required survey of any potential voting precinct. The survey was sent to the State and was approved on Thursday, Sept. 9.

The Caneyville Precinct used to be in the old school, but due to non-accessible issues, had to be relocated to the New Caneyville School. The old school is now accessible due to the continuing restoration project, and voting will be held there Nov. 3, 2015.

The Spring Lick Precinct will also be moved from the new school to the Old Caneyville School, as the County Board of Elections has not found another suitable location in the Spring Lick area at this time.

If you have any questions, you may contact Sherry Weedman, Chairman at 270-259-3201.

Staff Report

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