State officials speak on minimum wage increase




The following statements are in response to Governor Steve Beshear’s announcement regarding a raise in the minimum wage for state employees on Monday, June 8:

“As someone who has led the fight the last two legislative sessions to raise the state’s minimum wage, I am certainly pleased to see Gov. Beshear take this step for our lowest-paid state employees, and I’m also supportive of having the legislative branch follow suit. I’m hoping that we finally convince the Senate to pass my bill next year. If we wait on Congress to act, as the law now calls for, the only thing we know for sure is that whatever they do, it will be too little, too late.” – House Speaker Greg Stumbo.

“We proudly support Governor Beshear’s decision to raise the wage of Kentucky’s lowest paid state employees. There are many important issues facing our state workforce, but earning a living wage for serving our Commonwealth should not be one. This a positive step forward for those low-income state employees who work hard every day to provide for their families. The current minimum wage is simply too low to dignify hard work, and workers in every business and industry deserve a living wage.

“We’re pleased that Kentucky made this commitment (Monday, June 8), and hope that we can expand this policy for all Kentucky workers in the next legislative session. Additionally, we would hope that we can take more measures to help our state employees and their families.” – State Reps. Derrick Graham, D-Frankfort, and James Kay, D-Versailles.

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