Family searches for missing tombstone

Life-long Grayson County resident Carmel Powell is searching for answers in the “Mystery of the Missing Tombstone.”

The headstone to the grave of Powell’s family’s first Grayson-County ancestor recently vanished from it’s place among many family headstones in the Clemons Graveyard near Broadford Church.

“For well over one hundred years, it stood in silent vigil over the final resting place of Peter R. Powell,” Powell said.

Peter Powell and his wife, Phoebe Crady Powell, along with several of their children, moved to southern Grayson county from the White City area of Larue County shortly after the Civil War. Grayson county remained their home until their deaths.

When Peter Powell died in 1902, he was buried alongside his wife, and “since that date, their tombstones stood side by side, as markers of their lives and deaths here in Grayson County.” Powell said. “However, within the last few months, someone decided to take Peter R. Powell’s gravestone.”

Clemons explained that Peter and Phoebe Powell have many descendants in the area who may forever loose this important piece of their family history if the headstone is not recovered.

“It is very disturbing that someone took his tombstone from his resting place, separating it from his wife’s and removing the marker that stood as a testament to his life and death here for future generations.”

Powell is sharing his story in hopes of having the tombstone returned to its rightful place. He explained that he does not want to punish anyone for the crime, but simply wants to see this marker back where it belongs in the Clemons Graveyard.

“If you removed the headstone, please return it or if you have any knowledge of its whereabouts, please share this information,” Powell pleaded.

Anyone with information about the missing tombstone may contact The Grayson County News-Gazette for information on how to reach Powell.

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