TLRMC starts follow-up phone calls to check on patients

Staff Report

Patients discharged from Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center can expect an automated phone call soon after an inpatient admission or Emergency Visit.

The purpose of the call is to check on how patients are doing as they recover and to provide help if needed.

The caller ID will read “Twin Lakes Care.” Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center (TLRMC) currently sees over 2,100 patients a month, and this program will attempt to reach everyone.

With this new service TLRMC hopes to triage those that need assistance within two days of their visit. Patients will be called back by one of the hospital’s skilled nurses to help provide the resources that were flagged in the first call.

“We hope people will take the two or three minutes to answer the questions in the call,” said Saundra Logsdon, RN at TLRMC.

The follow up calls will provide the hospital with data to help improve processes in the community like transportation needs, primary care appointment availability, medication prescription resources, and education on disease management.

Logsdon went on to say that patients hold the answers to where the hospital’s focus needs to be in the transition of care outside of the hospital.

“Twin Lakes strives to help patients stay well in their homes, so please don’t hang up on your nurse,” said Logsdon.

Staff Report

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