Never thought you could wear contact lenses?

By Brett Abney, O.D. - Abney & Amstutz Eye Centers

Every week, I hear from patients that they either had to stop wearing contact lenses or never thought they were candidates to wear them.

Let’s start with the patients who had to stop wearing them. The most common reason people stop wearing contact lenses is discomfort. Contact lens companies have seen that end-of-day discomfort causes many people to abandon wearing contacts.

In the past, lenses were made of materials that had low moisture and oxygen content. This made contact lens wear uncomfortable and caused blur in the middle of the day or late evenings when good vision is most critical. Fortunately, contact lens materials have improved dramatically, allowing more moisture and oxygen to get to the lens surface providing greatly improved vision and comfort.

Allergies and dry eyes are another common problem with contact lens wearers. New single-use disposable contact lenses have greatly helped these patients.

Patients who developed the need for better reading but couldn’t get the clear vision needed with contacts now have the option of wearing multifocal lenses. These lenses are now available in daily and monthly disposable modalities.

Patients who were told they could never wear contact lenses because of astigmatism now have many options for contact lens wear. Contact lenses can now correct almost any amount of astigmatism with clear and comfortable vision.

Colored contact lenses are also safe and available in most prescriptions to get the color change you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in trying contact lenses again or for the first time, there is a contact lens available for almost all patients. Be sure to ask your optometrist about the best lenses available for your specific needs.

By Brett Abney, O.D.

Abney & Amstutz Eye Centers

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