What is a pressure ulcer?

Gay Fulkerson

A pressure ulcer is caused by pressure and friction on the skin. Pressure ulcers occur in over 2.5 million people 75 years and older each year.

People with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy cannot feel when they step on something or their shoes are rubbing or too tight, and an ulcer results. Lack of adequate protein and nutrients cause the skin to become thinner and ulcerate quicker.

The first step in treatment is to relieve the pressure and friction whatever the cause. Secondly, nutrition needs to be optimized and vitamins/minerals may need to be added.

Early treatment can prevent progression. Diabetics need to check the bottom of their feet with a mirror to make sure there are no lesions that can become ulcers. Turning and repositioning while in bed is key to preventing pressure ulcers.

Treatment is available for all types of ulcers locally. The Twin Lakes Wound Center is available for all your wound care needs. Call 270-259-1612 for an appointment today.

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