What is the essence of love?

Is it hard to understand Jesus? Is it hard to know Jesus and to grasp the wonder of wisdom that is before us? Sometimes I think too much and should just focus only on the love of Jesus. Okay, what is the love that Jesus offers? It is the love that comes from the cross where He showed us the true depth of love; how it can transcend all people from all generations, with which time has no bearing. He loved us before we were conceived, even from the beginning of time. Love so great the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, collaborated to expose us to this mighty love which has no human description. As it says in the Bible, “eye has not seen nor ear has not heard…”

So we must ask ourselves, ‘How do we love…love?’ We must enter into this presence and dwell in the depths of divine, endless, unfathomable, love. A place that cannot be broken into or shattered by outside forces. For God’s love is perfect and unchallenged. Jump into the ocean of love which has no bottom and has no shores. Immersed in infinite waters of love, you may now rise to the surface to float and bask in the light of love to receive the warm glow of God’s wonderful graces. Floating on love and grace flowing through your very porous soul, you are now ready to return perfect love for perfect love.

Where do you go for this love? A quiet place, for God dwells in the silence. A place without distraction, for God dwells in peace. Close your eyes and turn off your ears and open your soul to Jesus’ face: pure love! Kumbaya!

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