Trespassing, vandalism plagues retired educator

By Nicole Ethier, Intern

August 8, 2014

The weekend of July 4th brought a new round of vandalism to a longstanding problem in the Falls of Rough area.

Leon Joiner, a retired teacher, has been a resident of this area for most of his life, and was involved in the establishment of the Short Creek Watershed Project, dedicated in 1988.

This latest vandalism involved the sawing of his gate posts on his private property. Previous incidents have included breaking of locks and cutting of gate hinges. “I think they have the mistaken idea that since the government funded the watershed project, it’s a public throughway,” Leon Joiner said during a recent interview.

Sheriff Rick Clemons said that it is a criminal offense to trespass without permission and it becomes an even more significant charge of criminal mischief if damage is done while trespassing.

Clemons said, “People need to respect property that doesn’t belong to them.” He also reiterated that “this is a big problem, not just in this part of the county, but all across the county.”

The Sheriff’s Office and the Grayson County Attorney have gotten involved to try and stop this and other problems with trespassing throughout the county.

If you have any information about this crime, contact the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office at 270-259-3024.