Davis withdraws from State Rep race

Brittany Wise bwise@civitasmedia.com

March 26, 2014

Craig Davis has officially withdrawn from the 18th District State Representative race.

Davis made his withdrawal official on Tuesday, March 25, according to Kentucky Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes’ office.

The decision came after Davis was made aware of what he calls a “clerical error” on his voter registration form filed in the Grayson County Court Clerk’s Office.

While Davis filed to run as a Republican candidate for State Rep., he was registered to vote as a member of the Democratic Party. This is not allowed according to Kentucky state law KRS 118.125, which requires that a candidate be able to vote in the primary election for the office they are seeking.

In a telephone interview on Wednesday morning, Davis said that he has been an active Republican since his early 20’s, but that this mistake was simply one of inattention.

When a person fills out a voter registration form, they are required to check one of of three boxes for Party Registration: Democratic Party, Republican Party, or Other.

Davis’ form shows the Democratic Party box clearly marked, which he asserted was a mistake on his part.

“I did withdraw,” Davis said, “But I’m not done.”

He explained that he plans to run for office again in 2016, and said, “I will continue to legislate the rest of my life as long as I’m able, because the people need to have a voice and I’m going to be their voice.”

Though Davis is no longer eligible to be elected as State Representative for the 18th District, his name will still appear on the ballot according to County Clerk Sherry Weedman.

Weedman explained that the ballots have already been printed, and cannot be changed at this point; however voters will be notified that any votes cast for Davis will not be counted.

Signs will be posted at each voting precinct to help make local voters aware.