Lawler families learn from Leaders in Action


March 18, 2014

Lawler Elementary put on a real show during the school’s Leader in Me Family Night, complete with a walk through history, arts displays and a glimpse into 7 Habits program currently in its third year.

Greeted by the school’s ambassadors, over 100 parents and children heard the real story of famous Americans from Daniel Boone to Lucille Ball, from authentically costumed second graders. One of the “Habits of Happy Kids” is “finding your voice” which they did clearly, loudly, and with expression.

Parents rotated throughout the school to learn even more about the clubs and activities at Lawler, and how students incorporate the 7 Habits in their daily school routine. Hallways and classrooms were decorated with artwork and inspiration.

The evening was a big success and allowed parents to see some of the recent additions to the school, such as the murals and banners which serve as colorful and constant reminders of the 7 Habits.