Salt could soon be rationed

By Brittany Wise bwise@civitasmedia.com

February 7, 2014

The Kentucky Department of Highways released a statement Friday saying that while road salt is still available, it may require rationing soon.

The Department salts area roadways in an effort to reduce dangerous ice which poses a hazard to motorists.

“We are receiving already purchased stock from our reserve supply out of Louisville and we have been purchasing new stock all along, so we are seeing new supply trickle in,” Chris Jessie, with the KY Dept. of Highways Post 4, which includes Grayson and surrounding counties.

It is becoming increasingly difficult, however, to get new orders as “demand skyrockets and reserves decrease rapidly” he noted.

Jessie said that the 11-county district is able to share salt reserves as needed over the area, which helps.

“If continual rounds of snow and ice keep coming as they have the past week, our situation will become more critical,” he noted, adding that “should supplies become lower, one of our conserving measures is to salt only higher volume/main routes.”

The Department wants motorists to be aware of this potential issue before it occurs, and plans to watch forecasts very closely through the weekend and into next week to stay on top of the situation.